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Designed & Tested in Japan

Sold out over 1K+ in Japan in 6 months

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JEMA Standard (Japan Lab JFRL)

Real clean has completed a sterilization test at Japan JFRL Lab, which has proven a 99.7% of effective sterilization.  Test number: 207428N

Qualified by the HK Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

1-Second virus terminator

Powerful 6000µW/cm² UV-C radiation eliminates viruses in just one second

Low maintenance cost

REALCLEAN can save up to 15% of annual maintenance costs compared with air purifiers that require frequent filter changes

Safety design

Built-in safety switch to turn off the UV-C light in case of incomplete installation, avoiding UV-C leakage

Saves energy

The 4-Level timer allows setting up the sanitizing duration, and turn off automatically after sanitization complete

Quick sanitization

Sterilizes up to 380ft2 in one hour

High UV-C reflection for effective sanitization

Hexagonal design with high reflective internal material that boosts the efficiency of sanitization

Maximize sanitization efficiency

Adjustable fan speed (4-level) to accommodate different environments

Robust & durable

The UV-resistant metal enclosure makes this more durable than UV-C devices with a plastic case

Unique 3D Ventilation Design
Instant Clean Air At Your Command


DURABLE to use 

2-year product warranty#, 8,000 hours lifetime for the UV-C lamps


EASY to Maintain

Effective air disinfection without complicated filter systems, cleaning is easy


LOW running cost

For 12-hour daily usage, operating electricity cost is only 87.8 cents per day

-Calculation based on HK CLP’s tariff table, 103.1 cents x 55W x 12 hours / 1000 = 87.8 cents

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Proven Disinfection with  3X High-Power UV-C Lamps

Proven Disinfection




Three 253.7nm UV-C lamps provide 14.7W of UV-C radiant output. This effectively breaks down the DNA and RNA of airborne pathogens, and preventing them from reproducing and multiplying. It is proven to elim viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold spores quickly and effectively.

Effective Design


Escalates the internal UV-C reflection to maximize disinfection efficiency, while the powerful, built-in fan and 3D ventilation reflector optimize circulation, accelerating the process of air disinfection.

Reliable and Safe



Designed to protect the user from direct contact with UV-C rays. Independent laboratory testing confirms compliance with international safety standards*.

* mechanical safety testing conducted by the Solid State Lighting Certification & Testing Center in China.

# Warranty excludes replaceable lamps

報告書 日本食品分析センター 浮遊ウイルスに対する除去性能評価試験 20210312.jpg

Front View

Side View


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Proven and Effective Disinfection

3X High-Power UV-C Lamps

Three 253.7nm UV-C lamps provide 14.7W of radiant UV-C output, which can effectively breaks down the DNA and RNA of airborne pathogens, stopping them from reproducing and multiplying. It is proven to disinfect viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold spores quickly and effectively.

Powerful UV-C Radiation
Natural & Effective Sterilisation

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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is optical radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light; and is present in sunlight. It can be divided into 3 functional categories: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, as shown below. Germicidal UV disinfection uses energy from the short wavelength UV radiation to kill bacteria, fungi, mold spores and to inactivate viruses. UV-C radiation is more effective for sanitizing applications than UV-B and UV-A. The sterilization curve pictured above shows the germicidal effectiveness of different UV wavelengths, the peak is very near to the 253.7 nm wavelength present in the UV-C light sources inside the REALCLEAN.

UV-C radiation has been used in healthcare applications to disinfect bacteria and other pathogens for decades. More recently, UV-C has been shown to inactivate SARS-Coronavirus particles by damaging important particle structures so the virus cannot reproduce or multiply. Airborne particles are exposed to the disinfecting UV-C light as air is circulated through the REALCLEAN.

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Application Area


REALCLEAN Air Sanitizer incorporates 3X high-power UVC lamps which neutralize micro-organisms, reducing the risk of contracting or spreading viruses and bacteria in a wide range of applications.


Keep a healthy family, and make our home a virus-free, safe and comfy place to stay


Lower the impact of respiratory disease due to long hours in a closed area


Protect the staff from the spread of communicable diseases



Disinfect guest rooms, reception areas and club house facilities to maintain a safe environment


Retails & Mall

Ensure a virus-free and safe environment for shopper



Minimize the risk of spread of communicable diseases

How many REALCLEAN  Air Sanitizers are required for your space?

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Room Surface

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Ceiling Height

Room Size

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Number of REALCLEAN required based on circulation per 1 hour.



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Instruction Video

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